Chicken processing plant

Paygir processing unit is a modern slaughter machinery with production capacity of 2000 bph (birds per hour) or 40 ton/day of Halal meat.
Chickens are inspected daily by an accredited veterinarian and a processing plant member to satisfy all the regulations regarding to food safety and quality control.
The processing plant includes:
1- Processing line with capacity of 3000 tons per year
2- Freezer and cold storage rooms with storage capacity of up to 600 tons of frozen meat in -20 c
3- Ice machines with daily product of 800 ice blocks.
4- Waste water treatment plant
The treatment is comprehensive and is performed in pretreatment, primary and secondary Phases treatments.
Treated water which satisfies environmental related standards then goes to the agricultural farms nearby to be used as highly nutrient source.
5- Transportation section is responsible for transporting live birds from broiler farms to processing plant and then the processed meat to the sales market.
6- Currently there are three factory shops working as outlet stores in city of Gorgan to connect and focus the clients’ needs regularly.