Research and development center

In 2005, R&D center was founded to improve workplace productivity through innovative activities.
Paygir Company is committed to invest in research in poultry industry to introduce new methods and technologies for improving existing standards and making higher quality products.

R&D center is responsible for:

– Identifying business problems and list the possible solutions
– Creating business database
– Researching on new products and processes
– Providing essential updated software for the different parts of the company
– Undertaking serology tests
– Gathering and editing contents for Paygir’s Magazine
– Offering poultry farming short courses for personnel and others
– Improving productivity by implementation of related standards, regulations and guidelines
– Obtaining related national and international certifications such as Iran National Standards, HALAL, ISO, HACCP, etc.
– Cooperating with Ministry of Science in some research projects, university theses and related books